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Sex Tips

How to Know if a Woman Really Had an Orgasm

Have you ever heard of the phrase “If you know, you know”? Well, the same concept goes for knowing if a woman really had an orgasm or if she just faked it. If you know all of the telltale signs of a real orgasm, then you can easily pick out when one is being faked. […]

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How to Teach Someone to Give You Oral as You Like It

Everyone, both men and women, enjoy the ecstasy of having someone go down on them. There’s very little that can go wrong when it comes to giving oral, but it’s definitely an added perk if the person giving oral knows what they are doing. Shockingly, according to Sex & Psychology, a whopping “97.1% of men […]

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The Benefits of the Swinger Lifestyle: Everything You Want to Know!

Societal pressures and stigmas have repressed many couples over the years when it comes to exploring a swinger lifestyle. Although modern society tells us that we should be monogamous, our internal instinct to sexually experience other people tells us otherwise. Despite popular beliefs, couples who engage in the swinger lifestyle experience many relationship health benefits. […]

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4 Surprising Sexual Fantasies that Men and Women Truly Desire

Believe it or not, most people experience sexual fantasies that go outside of the realm of what is considered the norm. According to Psychology Today, “When we refer to sexual fantasies, we include any mental imagery that is sexually arousing to the individual. Sexual fantasies can be intricate stories or fleeting thoughts of sexual or […]

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How to Easily Make a Woman Orgasm

Despite what many women may think, most men do want to be an equal giving partner in bed! In fact, knowing that they’ve given a woman an orgasm is, by far, one of the most fulfilling aspects of having sex overall. In a study analyzed by Indiana University, it was discovered that “women said they […]

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5 Essential Steps to Keep an Affair Discreet

One of the top mistakes people run into while engaging in an affair is not keeping their infidelity discreet. After all, an affair is only exciting as long as it is kept a secret from your spouse and anyone in your life who may blow your cover. Unsurprisingly, in a poll of 441 people, it […]

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Sex and Love: You Don’t Have to Be Monogamous to Love Someone

With one of the top reasons for couples to break up being “cheating” or “infidelity,” we have to ask ourselves why this is such a big issue in many relationships. Over time, society has placed a false connection between the emotional state of Love and the physical act of Sex. As such, many partners feel […]

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Spice Up Your Relationship and Sex Life with An Escort

After months or even years of being in a long-term monogamous relationship, it is normal for couples to begin looking outside of the partnership for sexual gratification. After all, physical intimacy with only one person for an extended amount of time can be strenuous on any relationship. In instances where couples do not want to […]

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Does Penis Size Really Matter? It Depends.

The age-old question, “does penis size really matter?” has been circling the minds of men for centuries. From the moment boys enter puberty, most are urging their penis to grow bigger for fear that they won’t have adequate breadth or length once they get older. For many men, this insecurity follows them into adulthood. According […]

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4 Effective Tips for Lasting Longer in Bed

It’s happened to the best of us. You go in with the best intentions to fully please your woman, just to become overstimulated and finish before they’ve even had a chance to become fully turned on. While there are other ways to please your partner, it’s still great to have the knowledge and skills to […]

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Do Women Like Anal? The Real Truth!

It’s one of man’s biggest fantasies that often goes unfulfilled. While there’s no doubt that anal sex is quite satisfying for men, the pleasure levels for women still remain a mystery. Some women seem to love anal, while others absolutely abhor it or are even hesitant to try to. So, what is the discrepancy between […]

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Successfully Speak to Your Partner About Sleeping With Other People

Although it is natural for humans to crave sexual experiences from many different people, it can be a tough conversation to have with a long-term partner. After all, society has wrongfully linked love to physical intimacy. This has made it difficult for both men and women to explore their innate desire to explore their sexuality […]

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How to Expand Your Sexual Expertise With an Escort

A pleasurable partner is an experienced partner! By spending time with an escort, you can open up your eyes and sexual world to a wealth of knowledge about how to be well-rounded in the sack. Whether you are self-conscious about your lack of sexual encounters or you simply want to experiment and expand your expertise, […]

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