We’ll Give You $400!

You read that right, 888 Companions your trusted source for high end escorts is giving away $400 every month and all you need to do is provide us some simple feedback on your experience with our company.

How to Win

To be entered all you need to do is leave your provider or our company a review on our website or one of the many review sites listed at the end of this article. There will be 2 methods of entry, a review on our 888 site will enter you for a drawing worth $150 and a review on one of the sites below will be entered into a drawing for $250.

Get Paid for Seeing an Escort
Win $400 for providing your feedback on your experience with escorts | 888companions.com

You Can Enter as Many Times as You’d Like

You are welcome to enter as many times as you like. The only thing we ask is that your feedback be real and based upon your actual personal experience with our escort agency. Each visit provides you two opportunities to be entered into the monthly drawing once for feedback on our site and once for your feedback on an accepted external site.

Contents of Your Review

The contents of your review should match your actual experience, we do not require positive or negative feedback, we ask for real feedback! If you had a great time, please say so and if it was a terrible experience, we encourage you share that as well.

The only thing we ask is that you do not share graphic details. Graphic details will exclude your entries from the contest.

How Winner Will Be Selected

The winner will be selected randomly on the Google Random Number Generator , each submission will be assigned a number based upon order of submission into its respective pool. Number will be from 1 to ∞ based on the number of entries.

Drawing Dates and Times

Drawings will be held the first Tuesday of each month before 11 p.m. EST and results will be available after 10 a.m. the following day.

How Winner Will be Notified

To address privacy concerns there will be two ways to determine if you have won. You can contact us directly and inquire or you can visit 888companions.com/reviewcontest to review result anonymously. Only the drawn number for each pool will be posted, no user information will be posted. Uncollected winnings will be honored for 90 days after drawing, uncollected winnings will be added to next drawing increasing the respective pot.

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Why We Are Giving Away $400 Per Month

We know how difficult it can be to go online and decide who to choose to spend your time and money with and we want to make it easier on everyone.

We know that trusted, legitimate feedback on things like looks, real escort pictures, attitude, demeanor and hygiene will help us all.

How to Get Your Money

Winnings will be available via: Zelle, Crypto transfer, Cash from any of our locations daily after 4 p.m. or as a credit toward future visits.

Your Odds of Winning

The odds of winning are based upon number of entries, each submission is equal to a single entry so you odds will be 1/(Number of Entries)

List of Acceptable Sites for Review Submission


April Escort Review Raffle Results

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