Sex and Love: You Don’t Have to Be Monogamous to Love Someone

With one of the top reasons for couples to break up being “cheating” or “infidelity,” we have to ask ourselves why this is such a big issue in many relationships. Over time, society has placed a false connection between the emotional state of Love and the physical act of Sex.

As such, many partners feel hurt, confused, and affronted when they discover that their significant other has chosen to have sex with someone else. Although this may feel like a betrayal, what many people fail to recognize is that humans have the innate instinct to seek sex from various partners.

Just as much as Sex doesn’t equal Love, couples can sexually experience other people without losing Love for their long-term partner. We’ve taken a deep dive into the history of mankind to bring you undeniable evidence that Sex and Love are not mutually exclusive to each other.

Not the Norm Everywhere

Interestingly, as reported by Bustle, “There are many societies and communities across parts of Africa, South America, and East Asia that opt out of monogamy, and practice alternatives such as polyandry, polygyny, polyamory, and open relationships, showing that the idea that two people must be exclusively together is, in a large part, socially constructed.”

So many cultures have successfully survived with relationships functioning outside of the monogamous structure. This is direct proof that Love and Sex should not be exclusively connected to each other. Review this article for more Busted Myths About Infidelity!

Fantasies of Multiple Partners

Fantasies of Multiple Partners

We’ve all done it. Despite having a loving long-term, most adults find themselves fantasizing about sexual encounters with other people. This is okay, and it is totally normal as it doesn’t define your Love for your significant other.

According to Insider, some of the top fantasies that men and women experience have to do with having multiple partners. From fantasizing about sleeping with other people to having the urge to make your significant other watch you have sex with someone else, humans are thinking about sex with others all of the time!

If you find yourself ready to take a step towards experiencing other people, we’ve got you covered! Here is our top advice for Successfully Speaking to Your Partner About Sleeping With Other People.

Seeking Experiences with Escorts

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With millions of people seeking the discreet company of escorts each year, it goes to show that humans were not built to have sex with just one person for the rest of their lives. Continue to deeply Love your partner while also fulfilling your burning desire to have sex with others.

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