How to Easily Make a Woman Orgasm

Despite what many women may think, most men do want to be an equal giving partner in bed! In fact, knowing that they’ve given a woman an orgasm is, by far, one of the most fulfilling aspects of having sex overall.

In a study analyzed by Indiana University, it was discovered that “women said they reach orgasm 31-40% of the time.” Even with most men giving their best effort, many female partners are going without experiencing orgasms.

It isn’t that women are incapable of having an orgasm. The reason many women find it difficult to orgasm in intercourse is because their partner is unfamiliar with how their minds and anatomy work. Transform your skills in the bedroom by reviewing our top tips for making a woman orgasm!

Practice With an Escort

Practice With an Escort

It’s no secret that you need to practice to get better at anything in life. So, why would we treat sex and bringing your partner to orgasm any differently? By practicing with a high end escort, you can quickly become familiar with the female orgasm.

A GFE escort can especially instruct you in the step-by-step journey to helping a partner reach orgasm! When reaching out to an escort agency to partner with the perfect girl for your needs, let them know your goals, and they will partner you with the perfect escort!

Set the Mood

Have you ever heard that part of the female orgasm is mental? Well, it’s true! The vibes of your sexual encounter should be just right in order for your partner to relax and feel comfortable enough to allow herself that release.

You see, when your partner is in her head about cooking dinner, the last argument you two had, or taking the dog for a walk, she isn’t focusing on what is important at the moment—orgasming. By helping her break away from these internal worries, you are setting the perfect mood.

So, unless your partner has a kink for angry sex, it’s probably a good idea to keep the atmosphere positive! Men often make the mistake of projecting their own preferences, which can make your partner feel as though the sex is one-sided. Get to know what your partner enjoys, and make it your mission to make it happen.

Foreplay Until She Begs

One of the best ways you can set the mood is through sexual foreplay. Most men enjoy foreplay to an extent, and they also know that it is important to their female partners that foreplay happens. However, they often fail to realize just how much foreplay is needed!

Men don’t typically need as much foreplay as women, and so that part of intercourse is often cut too short for the female’s experience. The main message here is not to skimp out on the foreplay. In fact, you should be kissing, massaging, and sucking until she is begging you for more. Once you have your partner vying for your member, that’s your cue to give her exactly what she is asking for.

Know Your Anatomy

Did you know that women can have different types of orgasms? Before you can effectively foreplay, you have to know a bit about the female anatomy and how orgasms work. By knowing more about her body, you can come up with a plan to help her orgasm through a few parts of her body!

According to Dr. Jovanovic, “Women may reach orgasm through clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation — including the G-spot — or through various other sensory pathways, such as stimulation of your breasts or other erogenous zones.”

Some of the “other sensory pathways” Dr. Jovannovic is referring to the nipples and even the soft part of her neck just below the jaw. By stimulating all of these areas in addition to clitoral stimulation and the G-spot, you are creating a recipe for an orgasm!

Listen to Her Body

If you’re ever unsure if you are on the right track to helping your partner orgasm, listen to her body. Is she moaning? Is she tilting her hips towards your hands and mouth to show you that she wants more? You will know when you are on the right path when she is dripping wet from all of the stimulation and asking for more.

Practicing your techniques with a VIP escort can significantly elevate your sexual experience! For more information about the benefits of an escort, we invite you to check out our article The Undeniable Ways an Escort Can Improve Your Life! You may also browse our selection of sexy escorts as a first step to learning more about the female orgasm.

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