The Dos and Don’ts of Working with an Escort

One of the top factors that keep men and women from engaging with an escort is the unknowing of what to expect from the meetup. Worries of feeling awkward or uncertain of what is allowed and what isn’t hold thousands of people back from leaning into their true desires.

Brand new and even established clients often wonder about the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of working with an escort. While escorts love clients who respect boundaries, rest assured that spending time with them isn’t meant to be an uptight experience!

For your peace of mind and pleasure, here are the top “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of working with an escort:

What to Do With an Escort

What to Do With an Escort

When you first begin engaging with an escort, keep in mind that they thrive in an industry where they can make other people feel satisfied, cared for, and sexy. In fact, as stated by Independent, “91 percent of sex workers described their work as ‘flexible,’ 66 percent described it as ‘fun’ and over half find their job ‘rewarding.'”

You see, escorts choose their profession because they want to give you an experience of a lifetime. So, don’t feel as though you are imposing on their time or being an inconvenience. Go into the encounter feeling confident that you are giving them just as much pleasure as they are giving you.

Do: Be Honest About Your Desires

Have you ever heard of the saying, “You won’t get what you don’t ask for”? Your chosen escort will want to know all about your desires before your first session. Go into the meetup ready to tell them exactly what you are looking for.

This way, they can come fully prepared to go above and beyond your expectation. Many people choose to work with escorts so they can fully explore and enjoy their kinks. Review our article The Undeniable Ways An Escort Can Improve Your Life for more insight!

Do: Clean Up Beforehand

This should go without saying, but don’t forget to shower off before you meet up with your escort. This way, you can go into the encounter confident in how you smell and look. Furthermore, just like any partner, your escort will greatly appreciate you making the encounter fresh and pleasant.

Do: Let Loose and Enjoy

This is your time to let loose, enjoy, and feel pampered! Many people can dampen their own sexual experiences with self-consciousness or worries about performance. Throw any inhibitions you have out the windows so that you can fully appreciate your partner’s body. What is the point of hiring an escort if you don’t allow yourself to savor the encounter?

What Not to Do With An Escort

Escorts are experts in what they do. Therefore, not much surprises, shocks, or turns them off. However, there are some general “don’ts” you should keep in mind while working with an escort. By keeping these caveats in mind, you will contribute to a fully pleasurable experience for both you and your escort!

Don’t: Feel Like You Have to Perform

Passionate about maximizing their clients’ sexual experiences, excellent escorts are ready to take the reigns and lead when needed. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel pressured to perform, impress, or even last long if you don’t want to. This is your time to sit back and relax if that is what you want to do.

Don’t: Assume Anything Goes

While most escorts are happy to please you in any way you desire, it is important to discuss your preferences and expectations beforehand. This way, someone doesn’t feel blindsided by spontaneous sexual expectations they may be uncomfortable with. It’s also recommended that you tell your escort about anything you may want them to avoid to ensure you have the best possible time!

Don’t: Hide Your Kinks

Exploring deep desires and kinks keeps an escort’s job spicy and interesting. Therefore, don’t shy away from sharing your kinks and preferences! The last thing you want to do is hide your kinks just to then leave the experience wishing you had spoken up for yourself.

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