Does Penis Size Really Matter? It Depends.

The age-old question, “does penis size really matter?” has been circling the minds of men for centuries. From the moment boys enter puberty, most are urging their penis to grow bigger for fear that they won’t have adequate breadth or length once they get older.

For many men, this insecurity follows them into adulthood. According to a study analyzed and published in the National Library of Medicine, “While not as common of a concern as body weight, muscularity, amount of head hair and body hair, or height, penis size was a concern for 68.3% of 200 men.”

So, for all of the men who remain concerned about this part of their body, does penis size really matter? The answer is “yes, it matters.” However, it may not matter as much as you would think. Read on to find out to what extent penis size matters to women!

What is the Average Penis Size?

Are you one of those men who walk around assuming your penis is below average in size? To put your mind at ease, it is reported that “Around 95 percent of penises do fall into the average range” (Healthline).

With that being said, the average length and width of a penis is said to be between 5.1 and 5.5 inches in length (Bruce M. King). So, for everyone thinking your penis has to be above 6 inches to be average, rest assured that you are most likely right there with 95% of the male population!

For both men and women, It’s no surprise that our assumptions and perceptions about penis length are greatly influenced by what we see in adult videos. Now that we know the average penis size range let’s dive into just how much penis size matters to the average woman.

Does Penis Size Really Matter

Everyone Has Different Preferences

Let’s start off by stating that, just like men, all women have their own individual set of preferences. Some women may prefer wider and shorter, while others prefer longer and skinnier. It depends on what turns them on and also their physical makeup.

Studies have shown that women do tend to prefer penis sizes ranging from average to a bit above average. However, penis size doesn’t seem to be an overall deal breaker for most. In fact, as reported in The Guardian, only 20% of women broke up with their partners because of their penis being too small, while 7% testified they ended it when their penis was too big.

As you see, those numbers of women who broke it off with a man due to penis size are not staggering. So, unless your penis is on the extreme side of small or large, you have nothing to worry about. Remember, even if you do have a penis that is below or above what is considered normal, there are women out there that prefer what you have over others!

It’s How You Use It

How a penis is used versus the size of a penis seems to be the most important factor for women. Studies have shown that women do have preferences about penis size. However, length and width don’t matter as much when their partner is experienced and has knowledge about how to please a woman.

That is, men who know their way around their partner’s bodies and sexual preferences don’t have to rely solely on impressive penis size to get them by. It has been proven that women are willing to overlook a small penis if they have a partner who has other redeeming sexual features other than just their penis size.

It’s also important to note that confidence plays a huge factor in attracting and keeping a partner turned on during sex. For example, men who have below-average penises but have everything else going for them, such as personality, self-confidence, and appearance, have nothing to worry about.

Final Thoughts

Whether penis size really matters truly depends on the individuals involved. It’s true that women have their own individualized preferences, but penis size doesn’t matter as much if their partner is well-rounded in bed.

Similarly, they’re willing to overlook a penis that is too small or way too big if they are attracted to other parts of their partner’s body and personality. Boost your confidence and your sexual prowess by spending time with one of our 888 Companions world-renowned escorts.

We’re committed to providing you with the rawest and most accurate information about sexuality. For ongoing articles and insightful information, we invite you to follow our Blog!

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