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How to Teach Someone to Give You Oral as You Like It

Everyone, both men and women, enjoy the ecstasy of having someone go down on them. There’s very little that can go wrong when it comes to giving oral, but it’s definitely an added perk if the person giving oral knows what they are doing.

Shockingly, according to Sex & Psychology, a whopping “97.1% of men and 95.4% of women said that receiving oral sex was at least somewhat or very pleasurable. This means that just 2.9% of men and 4.6% of women did not find it pleasurable to be orally stimulated.”

Receiving oral from someone who knows exactly what you like can mean the difference between a mind-blowing experience or just an “okay” experience. While you don’t want to diminish your partner’s confidence, there are a few surefire ways to help them get the picture when it comes to your personal oral sex preferences!

Discover What You Like

Before you tell someone about your oral sex preferences, you have to actually know what you like! For example, while some men like to feel some teeth scraping during oral, other guys absolutely cringe at the thought of someone putting their teeth on their penis.

To truly understand the full spectrum of your preferences, it is recommended that you test the waters with a VIP escort. By engaging with a high end escort, you can benefit from a complete and life-changing oral sex experience.

In fact, a GFE escort (girlfriend experience escort) can roleplay with you and help you practice asking your present or future partners for certain oral sex favors. This will boost your confidence in discussing fellatio with a partner, and it will secure you a future of fulfilling oral sex!

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Know Their Limitations

Know your partner’s limitations and be mindful of easing them into more intense oral sex acts. For example, someone who is a beginner may need some time to work up to deep-throating practices. You wouldn’t want to go in too quickly and create a negative lasting aversion in relation to oral sex for your partner.

Model With Fingers

One of the sexiest ways in which you can teach your partner about your oral sex preferences is to model what you like. Conveniently, your lesson on oral sex can even double as foreplay. Stimulate your partner’s senses by using their finger as a model for what you want them to do to you down below. Lick, suck, and nibble to demonstrate what you like when it comes to oral sex, and watch as things heat up!

Positive Reinforcement

Being overly critical of your partner will kill the mood altogether. If your partner is going down on you and uses too much teeth, try to playfully direct them towards more comfortable practices. For example, instead of saying, “Don’t use your teeth,” you can say, “You make me so hard when you use more of your tongue.”

Do you see the difference? The first statement is harsh and an overall mood killer (for both you and your partner). Dissimilarly, the second statement is actually a soft request masked by dirty talk. If you feel as though you can’t think up dirty talk at the moment, you can always wait until after to give your partner constructive feedback.

Build your sexual confidence by checking out our Blog of ongoing sex tips, tricks, and insights. To learn more about your own oral sex preferences, we invite you to check out our high end escorts! Our companions would be delighted to learn and orgasm with you.

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