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Should an Escort Work with an Agency or Be Independent?

We’ll cover the pros and cons of being a pro on your own or working with a professional escort agency like 888 Companions. It’s the biggest decision an escort model will make and can impact the amount of money she makes, the quality of clientele she services, and even her safety. Which are better, agency […]

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Information about how much does an escort cost

How much does an escort cost? The cost of the escort services will differ from one client to another one based on their needs and choices. The following will help you know how an escort charges for their services. Payment Based on Service The escort will charge payment based on the service clients need from […]

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The Undeniable Ways an Escort Can Improve Your Life

Since the beginning of time, humans have recognized the importance sex plays in our everyday lives. However, the benefits of engaging in intercourse with an escort is one act that often goes underrated and undiscussed! People from all walks of life and with varying relationship statuses routinely hire escorts to fulfill their desires, spice up […]

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Spice Up Your Relationship and Sex Life with An Escort

After months or even years of being in a long-term monogamous relationship, it is normal for couples to begin looking outside of the partnership for sexual gratification. After all, physical intimacy with only one person for an extended amount of time can be strenuous on any relationship. In instances where couples do not want to […]

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How To Get the Most Out of Your Time With An Escort

For many, spending time with an escort is more than just getting off. After all, you can easily sleep with someone else for free and achieve that easy goal. Working with an escort is about exploring your sexual preferences, deepest desires, and dirtiest kinks. In addition, it is about self-care and putting your body in […]

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The Dos and Don’ts of Working with an Escort

One of the top factors that keep men and women from engaging with an escort is the unknowing of what to expect from the meetup. Worries of feeling awkward or uncertain of what is allowed and what isn’t hold thousands of people back from leaning into their true desires. Brand new and even established clients […]

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How to Expand Your Sexual Expertise With an Escort

A pleasurable partner is an experienced partner! By spending time with an escort, you can open up your eyes and sexual world to a wealth of knowledge about how to be well-rounded in the sack. Whether you are self-conscious about your lack of sexual encounters or you simply want to experiment and expand your expertise, […]

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I’m On a Boat, Bitch!

As you fly into Miami you cannot help but observe the beautiful blue and green hues of the pristine water of the Atlantic Ocean. So, will you take in the grandeur of it all? Do you have plans for a day at the beach, boating, maybe a trip to one of our amazing naturally occurring […]

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Should You Have Your Escort Sign an NDA?

If an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is structured properly and enforceable, it can be a good idea to have one between you and your escort companions. Going it alone, you may not be legally covered. That’s why you should only trust your security and privacy to the professionals at 888 Companions escort agency. We have you covered.

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Difference between Incalls Escorts and outcalls Escorts

Incall Escorts or Outcall Escorts, which will be lesser Incall escorts and Outcall Escorts are two types of escort services available. The main aim of escort services is to provide the best services to their clients, and the secondary aim of good escorts is to make life easier for the client. Nowadays, every customer has […]

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How to find Escort Near My Location

Information about how to find an escort near my location How to find an escort? Many people think that finding an escort is not easy because first, you have to select the person, and then you have to book and then call her. Then you have to arrange for the place and pay for that. […]

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