How to Know if a Woman Really Had an Orgasm

Have you ever heard of the phrase “If you know, you know”? Well, the same concept goes for knowing if a woman really had an orgasm or if she just faked it. If you know all of the telltale signs of a real orgasm, then you can easily pick out when one is being faked.

Now, before we launch into how to know if a woman really experienced an orgasm, we need to analyze why a woman would fake an orgasm in the first place. Whether she isn’t that into you or she’s sore from going at it for too long without satisfaction, there are many reasons why a woman may fake an orgasm to make the intercourse end sooner.

While a woman may want to “get it over with,” that doesn’t help them become better at helping her or others have an orgasm. While it isn’t recommended to call out someone for faking an orgasm, it is beneficial to know how to detect when one is being faked so you can take steps to perfect your sexual skills.

Watch Her Body Language

In a study analyzed by the American Psychological Association, it was discovered that “Sixty-seven percent of heterosexual women admitted to occasionally faking orgasm.” As such, it’s important to pay attention to the contracting of her vaginal muscles as a sign of orgasm.

Women who fake orgasms may arch their backs, squeeze the sheets, and scream. At the same time, a woman experiencing a mind-blowing orgasm can be doing the same things. However, at the moment of release, you will be able to tell if she is experiencing an orgasm by the movement in her vagina, the sudden warmth across her body, and even a possible sign of relief as it is happening.

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