4 Surprising Sexual Fantasies that Men and Women Truly Desire

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Believe it or not, most people experience sexual fantasies that go outside of the realm of what is considered the norm. According to Psychology Today, “When we refer to sexual fantasies, we include any mental imagery that is sexually arousing to the individual. Sexual fantasies can be intricate stories or fleeting thoughts of sexual or romantic interactions.”

So, if you experience sexual fantasies that seem “out there”, rest assured knowing that you are not alone! While some sexual fantasies are easily achievable with accepting partners, more erotic fantasies may require the company of an escort. Our world-recognized 888 Companions escorts are celebrated for their prowess in fulfilling the fantasies of our clients.

When we think about the sexual fantasies of men and women, it is easy to assume that the sexes may have completely different preferences in the bedroom. However, you may be shocked by how many of these top fantasies are shared by both men and women!

Threesome With a Stranger

Having sex with multiple partners at one time is, by far, one of the most popular fantasies shared by both men and women. Sometimes, these desires involve their long-term partner; other times, it doesn’t. Either way, studies show that men and women deeply desire sex outside of their long-term relationship!

  • Women: Oftentimes, women fantasize about having sex with their spouse and another woman as a comfortable way to experiment. Although, it isn’t uncommon for women to feel compelled to engage in a sexual encounter with two men with neither being her long-term partner.
  • Men: We all know that it is almost every man’s dream to have sex with two women at once. While women often fantasize about having threesomes outside of their relationship, men enjoy the thought of sharing their female partners with other men and women.
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Bondage and BDSM

Some men and women fantasize about simply having their wrists tied to a bedpost while their partner has their way with them. Others have fantasies that dive deeper into the world of BDSM. As defined by WebMD, “BDSM sex is a term for a variety of sexual practices that include bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, and sadism.”

  • Women: Females who are into BDSM often enjoy playing a dominant role within the sexual practice, empowering them to explore the more masculine aspect of their desires.
  • Men: Although men are often slotted into the “dominant” role while engaging in sex, it is a common fantasy of men to be dominated by their partners. Whether they are into women or men, many men love the feeling of having control and responsibility taken away during sex.
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One Night Stand or Affair

Even while engaged in long-term relationships, both men and women fantasize about having one-night stands with strangers. In addition, taking part in a more extended affair is another sexual fantasy men and women daydream about.

  • Women: In committed relationships, men provide women the sense of safety and reassurance they crave in healthy relationships. While these comforts are valuable, women are often left desiring new and erotic encounters with strangers.
  • Men: It is often the misconception that cheating men do not love their wives or spouses. On the contrary, most men who desire one-night stands or an affair deeply love their spouses and are simply feeling their primal pull to experience multiple partners.

Cuckoldry and Voyeurism

Surprisingly, as stated on CNN, “cuckolding has become fetishized into a powerful sexual fantasy for some men, who get aroused by the idea of their romantic partner engaging in sexual activity with someone else. Women also share this fantasy, but less so than men.”

  • Women: While women are less likely to want to watch their partner have sex with someone else, they are more likely to be the ones being watched. That is, women often get off at the thought of their spouse watching them in the act with a different partner!
  • Men: For men, there’s something about watching their spouse being taken by another individual that is highly arousing. Being openly cuckolded or even engaging in voyeurism and watching from a hidden location is a top fantasy among men.

Ready? Set. Fulfill Your Fantasy.

Do you have a sexual fantasy that you’ve been dying to act on? Are you afraid of judgment or fear your spouse may not share that same desire? Our five-star escorts are vetted for their willingness to experiment and enthusiasm for trying new fantasies. In addition, we invite you to check out more articles on our Blog for further advice to help you embrace your fantasies and live life to its fullest!

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