What is an Escort?

An escort is a professional whose occupation is to entertain or accompany a person in exchange for money or something of value, an escort can be male or female. An escort may be employed hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even annually in some instances, some duties of an escort are to accompany a person to a social function, vacation, movie, shopping, conversation or just general social interaction.

What to expect when hiring an escort?

As with all things in life each experience will be different and will depend on many factors including but not limited to, expectations, chemistry, age difference, environment, appearance, hygiene, cost, experience and initial contact and conversation. It is best to schedule a brief introductory meeting at a bar or coffee shop where you can introduce yourselves to determine if a match is present, committing to a large financial sum or time frame prior to getting to know one another is not prudent. Spending time with someone you do not like or who does not like you will not be enjoyable and will completely defeat the purpose.

What not to expect when hiring an escort?

You should not expect any physical affection, sex or any kind of sexual stimulation as a result of the hire. Is it possible that there is a spark between two consenting adults that do as they please in private? Of course, it is, but that is completely dependent upon the two or more of you and the exchange of money is for time and attention not sex. The exchange of money or anything for that matter in exchange for any form of sexual gratification is prostitution which is illegal and forbidden in almost every jurisdiction of the United States. Should you pursue or attempt to pursue any kind of sexual gratification with an unwilling person you may find yourself in legal trouble as a result of your actions. 

Where to meet an escort?

Typically, you will discuss and agree on a meeting place ahead of time, we strongly suggest that your initial meeting take place in a public place for the safety of you both. There is always the chance that one of you has nefarious intentions and to protect against that at least initially a public place mitigates some of the risk associated with you meeting one another for the first time.

What is Human Trafficking, and do I need to worry?

Human trafficking is a real concern and surfaces in many forms, it is defined by the Department of Homeland Security as:

Human trafficking involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act

While this definition seems to be simple and straightforward it is important you protect yourself as law enforcement agencies have taken liberty in application and interpretation of the meaning of “Human Trafficking”.

An effective way to protect yourself from being caught up in anything related to Human Trafficking is outright ask if trafficking is taking place and stay alert for signs of someone being forced or coerced into spending time with you. Some tell tale signs are extreme drug use, bruising or signs of trauma, fear or shame on behalf of the provider, lack of control of surroundings – are they driven to you and does someone wait to pick them up, this could be a safety measure, but it could also be a method of control.

In any case when in doubt act on your intuition and keep your fellow humans safe and free of modern-day slavery.

Should you suspect this heinous crime is taking place please immediately notify the Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 | Text: 233733 | Live Chat

888 Companions and the best agencies in the industry have in place measures to protect you and themselves of any implications of wrongdoing, force, coercion or fraud and they may also provide help those leading an unhealthy lifestyle or in a downward spiral which may be the result of mental illness, drug abuse or unhealthy & abusive relationships.

How do I know if my companion is of legal age?

Be smart as the implications can be life changing, if the person you meet looks to be underage insist on seeing a valid government issued ID that matches their appearance and if they refuse then walk away as nothing is worth your freedom, or the punishment associated with such an infraction. Also be cautious of easily faked foreign documentation as ignorance is no excuse.

Engaging in an adult manner with an underage person willing or otherwise can and may lead to an automatic Human Trafficking charge as well as other possible charges.

Put measures in place to protect yourself from ever crossing this line, a reputable agency will likely not put you in harms way as no amount of money is worth the risk of being charged or convicted of such an atrocious crime.

What does it cost to spend time with an escort?

The range for a companion’s time can vary drastically between different providers and depend on things like.

  • length of time in the industry
  • quality of service
  • level of education
  • length of stay – most will offer reduced rates for extended periods and lengthy commitments
  • established repeat business – someone with an established repeat book of business is far less in need of business so their rates may be very high as they do not necessarily need additional business but will take it for the right price.
  • Location – some companions are local whereas others travel the world at the expense of clients flying to and from first class or via private jet with agreed upon travel time compensation, shopping agreements, expedition agreements, etc…
  • Type of meeting – your expectations of the meeting will also factor into the cost, a casual meeting at a local bar or restaurant will have a different price tag than a private photo shoot or the trying on of lingerie.

There are thousands other factors may go into the cost of visiting a professional attendant. It is best to discuss your intentions, needs and wants in your first formal in person meeting. Most will not want to discuss anything aside from the initial meeting and rate of compensation for that meeting during your introductory conservations as to save time and keep them from saying anything that may be construed in the wrong way.

You are essentially hiring someone so do some homework, check reviews and treat the initial meeting as a paid interview to determine if this is a person, you’d like to spend time with, get to know and possibly confide in.

Is meeting an escort safe?

The answer is yes and no, and really there are three parts to this question, physical safety, reputational safety and legal safety.

Physical Safety – As was previously mentioned there are ways to reduce the risk of physical harm by initially meeting in a public place and becoming comfortable with the person greeting you. Do not fool yourself though as with anything in life there are risks and bad actors out there, there are tons of stories about someone showing up to meet an escort and being robbed, beaten up or worse. There are likely another million untold stories to protect the victim from the reputational harm of an encounter gone wrong.

Reputational Safety – while you will never mitigate all the risk there are some simple measures that one can take.

  • Go through an agency with a good reputation so your information stays with the agency and not with the provider.
  • Use a phone app to contact them so information cannot be tied back to you
  • Uber to and from any meetings to limit personal exposure
  • Pay only in cash

For higher end more professional agencies and independent providers an NDA is often an option, while an NDA does not guarantee that information about your business will not be revealed it at least provides you legal recourse should something happen.

If you are famous person or a public figure, I would advise you to only deal with well-known and established agencies that know how to handle your request and have experience with the people they do business with. Be vocal about your concerns, insist on an NDA and do not allow any cell phones or other devices capable of capturing pictures or making videos. High end agencies and providers will have no objections to your request.

All bets are off should you misbehave though so be sure to always conduct yourself in a gentlemanly manner and be respectful of other humans, their belongings and surroundings. 

Legal Safety – this concern is the easiest of the three to deal with. It is simple, there is nothing illegal about hiring an escort, there is nothing illegal about offering your services as an escort, for the provider there may be some taxation concerns should he or she not record their income or operate without proper business licenses or tax receipts or whatever the local jurisdiction may require but the actual act of buying or selling time is 100% legal.

Where people get into trouble is when they attempt to buy or sell sex, sexual stimulation or sexual gratification.

Eliminate the risk of a legal entanglement by avoiding the topic completely, do not ask about it and do not respond to comments regarding the topic. Contract for the time and companionship of a person you hit it off with and see where it goes from there.

What if I develop feelings?

This is a tricky one and one you really need to take seriously; you also need to understand the pretense you met your companion under.

  • The best escorts in the industry are going to make you feel like a million dollars for every moment you are with them, that is the job, and some are exceptionally proficient when it comes to doing their job.
  • No matter what is said or what you think you heard it is very unlikely your escort is looking for a savior and even if they are, unless you have unlimited funding to fuel their current lifestyle it is very unlikely, you’ll be able to fill the role you’re applying for.
  • The best in the business work when they please, earn a 6 to 7 figure salary, and have none of the constraints brought on by a conventional relationship.

The best thing to do is keep things professional and should you find yourself developing feelings take a break from seeing one another until the feelings subside or you are specifically and directly told otherwise.

An escort is a professional whose job it is to make you feel special, do not read into it more than you should.

Agency vs. Independent?

There are many factors that you must consider when answering this question for yourself, below are a few to consider.


Agency – when dealing with a reputable agency you can have an expectation of safety as they are not a single person that can just post a new ad and be a completely different person in a matter of minutes.

Independent – depending on the introduction this can be a very reckless way to meet someone for the purposes of escorting for you. Should you take this route be sure to study up and take some or all the precautions previously discussed. If possible, get a recommendation from someone you trust.


Agency – your experience has many factors that can and cannot be accounted for but at least with an agency you can build a relationship where they know your needs and they know their staff allowing them to do their best to tailor those that you meet to your liking. You also have recourse when you have a bad encounter with an agency, you can voice your concerns, likely be compensated for the bad experience and help them know you even better.

Independent – you may absolutely pick a winner and have the most memorable experience of your life in a great way, or you may pick a loser and have the most memorable experience of your life in a negative way, it’s a gamble and your risk tolerance determine the direction you go.


Agency – an agency will typically have a set rate and the provider will need to adhere to that or risk no longer working with the agency, that said should you make requests or have needs well above the norm you will likely be asked to pay more, and you should understand and agree to do so.

Contrary to popular belief though, rarely will the cost be much greater with an agency as an agency can provide steady reliable income stream for those that choose to work with them, thus driving the rate down. However, the better providers in an agency will likely be billed at a higher rate than the lessor providers. This is driven demand and the quality of the provider and your experience and not the agency, an agency will typically make the same from all providers regardless of the amount you pay.

Independent – again you may or may not pick a winner, you may agree to one rate and come to find out that that rate no longer applies, the person you are meeting with has no one to answer to so they can and possibly will do as they please. How much does blackmail cost, how much would you pay to protect your family or reputation? How much does being robbed cost? Drugged, wallet, watch, car or other personal items stolen, what is the cost of that? Would or could you ever recover such items without outing yourself for the activity you were engaged in without costing yourself in other possibly more important and valuable areas?


Agency – when you schedule through an established and reputable agency your verification documentation will remain private and not be shared with the provider for the reputation and safety of the agency and yourself. Without specific details about you it will be much more difficult to devise a nefarious plan to attack or harm your reputation, also the provider will risk the opportunity to work with the agency and positions in a reputable, well known, busy agency is coveted as they are nearly impossible to replace without changing cities or states and even then, the best agencies will check references before hiring new applicants.

Independent – Once again it is a complete gamble, if they verify then they already have complete access to all the information you provided them. If you called them with your real phone who is to say they do not threaten you in one form or another. Maybe you disagreed on price and left them offended and as retribution they begin calling you relentlessly in the middle of the night bringing unwanted attention to you from loved ones.

All in all, be a decent person, treat others with respect, bring joy to others, be clear about your intentions and expectations, listen and digest the expectations and boundaries of others, don’t try to rush things, meet in person to get to know one another and see if the spark is there and remember you are contracting and compensating for time and companionship, nothing more.

You’re In Safe Hands

888 Companions follows all industry rules and regulations.

DISCLAIMER - The hiring of an escort model through 888 companions is an agreement to an allotted amount of time in exchange for compensation. Aside from this predetermined amount of time, no specific activities are suggested or promised. 888 Companions does not and will not force or coerce anyone we represent to engage in any activity that is illegal or outside of their comfort zone. By engaging 888 Companions, you agree that you understand what it means to hire an escort, you are not purchasing the right to have any tasks performed or the right to perform any tasks. 888 Companions agrees only to provide a person of legal age to accompany you for a specified amount of time, which can be extended if you agree to additional compensation or shortened if your demeanor or behavior necessitates it. 888 Companions requires everyone that we represent to communicate with us while they are accompanying you for their safety. Should preestablished check-ins be missed, we reserve the right to notify you directly or law enforcement to ensure their safety. In addition to this, please visit our Terms and Conditions page for more information.