5 Essential Steps to Keep an Affair Discreet

One of the top mistakes people run into while engaging in an affair is not keeping their infidelity discreet. After all, an affair is only exciting as long as it is kept a secret from your spouse and anyone in your life who may blow your cover.

Unsurprisingly, in a poll of 441 people, it was discovered that “a little over 46% of respondents in a monogamous relationship said they had affairs” (PsychCentral). As humans, we are meant to experiment with different parents; it’s all a part of living life to its fullest!

surefire ways to have an affair and keep it secret

Check Your Connections

Before you launch into an affair, check the connections you have with that individual. Does the person you are about to sleep with have close friends that are also your friends? Do they have family members who happen to communicate often with your friends or family?

While reviewing your list of common friends and acquaintances, consider how those connections may interfere with your plan for a discreet affair. If this person has too many people in their life who know you, it may be a good idea to choose another person for a secret sexual relationship.

You wouldn’t want a nosy aunt or a jealous friend to expose your affair! If you are interested in exploring a sexual entanglement but are hesitant due to being caught, you may want to consider the company of an escort. Here at 888 Companions, our top-rated escorts are dedicated to helping you fulfil your most exciting fantasies while maintaining your privacy.

Maintain Separate Affair Finances

You can probably guess why you may want to keep your affair expenses separate from your everyday bills and charges! Dinners at fancy restaurants, drinks at clubs, romps in hotels, and generous gifts should all be charged to an “Affair” bank account or paid in cash.

Restaurants, clubs, hotels, and even gift shops can all be easily tracked by a suspecting spouse. In addition to opening a separate bank account, you may want to consider hiding any debit cards from this account in an unsuspicious location.

Keep Your Phone Locked and Away

One of the quickest ways to have your affair discovered is to leave your phone unlocked. In a study analyzed and reported by 10News, it was reported that “50 percent of Americans have admitted to looking through their partner’s phone, with a large number of people who believe doing so is a no-no.”

This statistic shows that, even though people feel guilty about snooping through their partner’s phone, they still feel compelled to do so. Since it is inevitable that your spouse will try to look through your phone, it is wise of you to secure your device before they have the chance.

While it is important not to give your partner access to your phone, it is equally important to not act overly interested in your phone. Why give your partner any indication that you have something to hide on your device? Make it a point to act casual around your phone and only engage with your other partner when your spouse isn’t present.

Tell No One About the Affair

At first glance, this tip may read as common sense. However, you may be surprised by how many people decide to tell others about their affair. To keep your sexual escapades discreet, avoid telling anyone about what you are doing outside of your long-term relationship.

Don’t even tell your best friend! Think about it. If you tell your best friend about this hot girl or guy you’ve been having an affair with, who do you think they may tell? That’s right. They’re going to tell their significant other or another good friend. Then, that person who should have never known your secret may leak it to your spouse or some other close connection.

Create a Reasonable Alibi

You can’t just disappear into the night on a routine basis without your spouse wondering where you are going. Before you engage in an affair, consider what your alibi will be. What location and reason will you give your partner and connections if they ask about where you are going?

Many people choose work trips as a viable alibi option, while others mix up their alibi from week to week. Be careful with whatever story you concoct, as you wouldn’t want it to be easily fact-checked by those in your life. A reasonable alibi involves a realistic story and a location your spouse can’t easily find.

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