I’m On a Boat, Bitch!

As you fly into Miami you cannot help but observe the beautiful blue and green hues of the pristine water of the Atlantic Ocean. So, will you take in the grandeur of it all?

Let the escorts of 888 companions join you for a day on the water in Miami.

Do you have plans for a day at the beach, boating, maybe a trip to one of our amazing naturally occurring sandbars? Spending a day at one of the sandbars is a local favorite, they are best on weekends or holidays, be sure to get there early to get a good spot!

Miami and the upper keys also have some of the best fishing you will find in anywhere in the United States. Have you ever fought a big Tuna, Grouper, Snapper or maybe if you get lucky a swordfish? These are experiences you’ll never forget!

Are you saying to yourself I don’t have a boat or a bunch of beautiful ladies to invite? Don’t worry 888 has you covered! Contact us today and we will gladly help you arrange the rental of a boat tailored to the experience you want.  Our boating partners will help you secure the use of a single jet ski to a 150’ superyacht and because of our relationship with them we will help you get the best rates around.

Enjoy the day with an escort on a jet ski in Miami.
Bachelor party on a yacht, 888 and our escorts will make any party in Miami unforgettable!

Regardless of how you decide to spend your time on the water the ladies of 888 can and will make your day an unforgettable one! Imagine arriving at the sandbar with the hottest ladies there! You will certainly be the envy of the day not to mention all the fun you’ll have! How about having your own cheerleading squad as you reel in your trophy catch? Just want to kick it and relax on the beach, we can help there too, regardless of what you choose to do our handpicked escorts will make your time here better!

Ah, life is good, make sure you live it well!

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