Should You Have Your Escort Sign an NDA?

If an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is structured properly and enforceable, it can be a good idea to have one between you and your escort companions. Going it alone, you may not be legally covered. That’s why you should only trust your security and privacy to the professionals at 888 Companions escort agency. We have you covered.

Is an NDA a Good Idea?

Of course, in any business transaction, an NDA is a good idea if it is structured properly and enforceable. Transactions between clients and escorts in the United States is no different. That said, let’s explore what an NDA is, the benefits of having one, and the measures our team has taken to make your experience safe and keep your privacy secure.

What is an NDA

An NDA is a non-disclosure agreement – a legally-binding contract between parties to ensure complete confidentiality. If one party or the other breaks these terms, there could be serious legal ramifications. The purpose of an NDA is to keep secret information confidential with the help of the legal system, should it be necessary. These confidentiality contracts are used in all businesses and industries around the country, and apply to the hiring of in-call and outcall escorts in the U.S. too.

How Much Does an NDA Cost?

The cost of an NDA will vary depending on the complexities of the agreement. The more important your confidentiality is, the more you should expect to pay for the creation of an NDA. Essentially, the more specific the terms are in your NDA, the more costly the creation will be. Because your safety and privacy, and that of our escorts, is our number one priority, 888 Companions has you covered. We offer a standard and comprehensive escort NDA contract available to you at no charge.

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Is an NDA enforceable when hiring an escort?

The answer to enforcement of an escort NDA is not so simple. There are things that can affect the enforceability of any NDA, especially in the context of hiring an escort. For instance, should a crime be committed during the escort encounter, then it is likely that a court would rule that the agreement is unenforceable as it is against public policy and is a hinderance to justice. Crime trumps the contract.

The reason this is the case is due to rare cases of criminals and dangerous individuals who have attempted to insist their escorts sign an NDA so they can commit rape, violence or other types of harm on the person hired. There have also been cases where NDAs have been sought so an individual can confess a crime to another person without the recourse of legal action, which is illegal. In cases like these, you will most likely not receive any of the benefits of the NDA because of the premises in which you entered into the agreement. So, if you are thinking about violent or criminal activity, don’t do it. We don’t want your business and our NDA contracts will not protect you. For other distinguished and discerning clientele, 888 Companions is for you.

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Can you have an escort sign a non-disclosure contract?

Yes, and as stated above, 888 Companions national escort agency already has you covered. Should both parties agree to an NDA, and you hire an escort to spend time with and you discuss sensitive topics that you would want to remain confidential, engage in consensual sexual acts between two adults of legal age, or you just generally want your identity and the meeting to remain private, then you would benefit from an NDA agreement. In these cases, and without criminal intent or activity, your escort NDA contract would be enforceable in the extremely rare instances that there is a breach in confidentiality as defined within the agreement.

Can you use an NDA you find online? No! Not all NDAs are created equal.

Do not try to write your own NDA agreement or find a generic contract online. These are very specific agreements that are important to your safety and privacy, especially when hiring an escort. To fully protect yourself, we recommend that you consider the following when creating and entering into any confidential relationship:

  • Both parties must have identity confirmed and signatures notarized by a licensed and bonded notary. When an NDA is fraudulently signed (using an alias, forgery, or without confirming the identity of the signer), then you may have a difficult time with recourse as the agreement was entered into upon false pretense.
  • Terms of the agreement should be reviewed by legal counsel to ensure you are afforded the protection, benefits, and recourse you need or desire.
  • Create versions in all languages spoken by the signing parties. If one party speaks no English and they sign, and the agreement is written entirely in English, how can you ever argue that they understood what they were signing? You can’t and it will not stand up in court.
  • Define the jurisdiction in which the confidential activity will take place.
  • Define the jurisdiction in which litigation will take place should the need arise.
  • Confirm that both parties, and the representatives of the parties, have something to lose should they break the contract. Signing an agreement with a party that has nothing to lose does little to protect you, your privacy, or your interests.

888 Companions has you covered with complimentary escort confidentiality agreements.

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At 888 Companions, we’ve already considered all of this and more. The clients and escorts are professionally vetted and have agreed to the terms of our standard agreement, and we have signatures and government issued identification on file. We pride ourselves on keeping everyone safe and allowing our clients to relax and enjoy the company of their escort companion without worrying about privacy concerns. Our escorts are also set up to have safe encounters with the peace of mind that those that they do business with will be kind and respectful.

Are you ready to have the most meaningful experience with an escort you can trust to keep your relationship discreet and identity private? 888 Companions is the escort agency for you. Read our escort reviews here and contact us to arrange a date with an escort today.

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