Should an Escort Work with an Agency or Be Independent?

We’ll cover the pros and cons of being a pro on your own or working with a professional escort agency like 888 Companions. It’s the biggest decision an escort model will make and can impact the amount of money she makes, the quality of clientele she services, and even her safety.

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Which are better, agency escorts or independent ones?

Whether you’re just starting out in the escort business (see our FAQs to learn what an escort is) or have a lot of experience escorting, one of the first—and biggest—decisions you’ll make is to decide to be independent or work for an agency. This choice seems simple but what you decide now could impact your entire career — from how you work and where you find clients to how much money you make.

There is no right or wrong answer — it all depends on the style and structure you want for your escorting business, and you may find that one option works for a while but switching to the other might work better when you are in a different phase of life. Both options have their appeal and their drawbacks – that’s why it’s important to understand all factors before you decide.

Independent Escorts Pros and Cons

Let’s face it: we’ve all sung along to Beyonce’s rally cry for ‘Independent Women,’ and hearing her talk about “all the mamas who profit dollars” sounds appealing and empowering. And, it really can be, especially when you’re an independent contractor.  When you’re considered ‘independent’ as an escort it means that you handle all the logistical aspects of your business, from marketing, to location, to call-taking, to booking appointments.

Benefits of Being an Independent Escort

When you’re an independent escort, you can enjoy these perks:

  • Have complete control over your business
  • Decide who you see, when you see them and where
  • Keep 100% of the profits you make
  • Create (and re-create) your own persona and image
  • Decide your own schedule, take time off whenever you like

Drawbacks of Being an Independent Escort

This style of escorting is best for those who wish to have complete control over their escorting business. There are also drawbacks to this approach.  As an independent escort, you will:

  • Spend additional time building your brand and marketing (instead of spending that time with bookings)
  • Need to be disciplined in managing time, appointments and keeping clients updated
  • Deal directly with clients throughout the entire process —initial inquiry, booking, facilitating payment, dealing with customer service issues – all which may dilute the allure of your persona
  • Handle the learning curve of understanding a variety of business aspects (marketing, travel, call taking, sales, negotiations, accounts payable, etc.)

Who Makes A Good Independent Escort Candidate?

There’s a lot of appeal in running your own business, but the cons listed above could deter you from choosing this route. Ideally, this style of escort business is best suited for someone who has knowledge of business (or a passion to it), as there are elements here that extend beyond simply escorting. If you don’t do them well, it could impact your success and income. Besides, who has the additional time needed to focus on all this stuff? That’s where an escort agency comes in.

Agency Escorts Pros and Cons

Now let’s talk about your other option: working with an agency. Note: We are NOT discussing working with someone like a pimp, as that is completely different, dangerous and can be illegal. This style of escorting means that you choose to work with someone or a group of people who handle certain aspects of your business for you, such as advertising, marketing, call-taking, setting up appointments, travel and location reservations, hosting social media on your behalf, negotiating fees, handling financial transactions, dealing with customer service and reviews, and more.

Benefits of Being an Agency Escort

When you work with an agency, you could enjoy these benefits:

  • Do not need to take additional time for the administrative aspects of your business
  • Can use additional free time to book more appointments and take on more clients
  • Don’t need to stay on top of social media, call taking and marketing — all methods of building your brand, advertising and getting new appointments
  • Can preserve your brand or persona as an escort without having to switch into admin discussions with clients
  • Provide assistance with booking locations for outcall escorting and in-call escort options
  • Get feedback so you can better your services through third-party reviews
  • Have a caring partner that looks out for your safety and keeping your privacy secure

Drawbacks of Being an Agency Escort

While this sounds like a great set up, there can be some drawbacks to this style of escorting business as well. It’s important to keep in mind that when you work with an agency, you will:

  • Need to do your research on which agencies are reputable and what they offer in terms of services (i.e., some offer to help book travel arrangements or locations, while others have locations already established, and others don’t deal with travel or location services at all)
  • Not have as much autonomy over your marketing/image
  • Give a portion or percentage of your profit to the agency, which depends on the level of services they’ll provide
  • Not have as much freedom when it comes to your schedule: you will need to check in with the agency frequently and request time off, while other agencies may ask that you commit to a set schedule

Why Work With 888 Companions

We offer all of these services and benefits and more. We specialize in high quality, safe experiences for both our escort models and our discerning clientele. We offer nationwide marketing and support, including some of the biggest cities in the United States: Miami, Los Angeles, New York and more. You can trust your business to the expertise of coast-to-coast company. You don’t just have one person backing you up, you have a team. Interested in working with us? See our new escort requirements and apply here.

We also recognize that there are many benefits and drawbacks to both being an independent escort and trusting your business and reputation to an escort agency. As a savvy business-minded escort, you’ll want to decide if having more control over your business or having assistance with the logistics makes more sense for you. We want to know what you think. Did we miss any pros or cons? Leave your comments and ideas below – it will help us deliver even more comprehensive support for our escorts, because when you’re successful, so are we.   

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