And The Winner Is – August Escort Review Contest Results

Here ye, here ye! Alas, we are at the end of our monthly escort review contests. It has been a blast hearing all the feedback and having you all participate. We truly appreciate each and everyone and we will continue to listen to the feedback and continue to improve!

And for the final lap, we had a total of 88 reviews for August. The 88 reviews were onsite submissions and no offsite submissions this month, what a shame. And our lucky winners are…

888 Companions August Offsite Review Winner of $250:

Unfortunately, no one decided to submit their offsite review. $250 up for grabs and no one took it! What a shame!

888 Companions August Onsite Review Winner of $150:

Congratulations to Eros for the following review of Peruvian Japanese Airi! Here’s what Eros had to say about our Asian goddess – “Another great date. Always exceeds expectations.” Ahh, you can definitely tell that Airi is his favorite! Seriously though, who wouldn’t have her as a favorite? I know I would! She’s my favorite too!

888 companions - review from client

As a result, Eros willreceive $150! Congratulations!

For full transparency, here’s a screenshot of the result of the random number generator. The 88 submissions resulted in odds of 1/88 – still amazing odds with a great payout for just a couple minutes investment to enter!

random winner selector - reviews 888 companions

Thank You All for the Feedback! You Make 888 Great!

Congratulations and thank you to Airi for the amazing service that you do and to both Eros for providing us feedback that motivates us to do even better and helps us know where to improve. Your honest feedback – may it be positive or negative, helps us continuously improve our services and helps let other clients know that they can trust us to provide them incredible and unforgettable experiences.

888 Companions has the best escorts for a reason – because we take every client review seriously and post them publicly no matter what. That’s the kind of full transparency we believe in.

How to collect your escort review contest winnings:

Eros, you have the following options to collect your winnings:

  • Cash in person at any of our locations any day after 4 P.M.
  • Funds transfer via Zelle or Cashapp
  • Crypto transfer via Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • Credit
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